About Us

The Gibson Firm is a dynamic team composed of lawyer and non-lawyer professionals, including paralegals, legal analysts, and legal nurse consultants. Our attorneys are committed to providing the best possible advice and representation available for our provider and patient clients, while our team as a whole is dedicated to the achievement of resolution of problematic medical accounts and related health benefit disputes.

TGF specializes in medical reimbursement law, primarily representing hospitals, large specialty physician groups, dialysis clinics, and other major medical providers. Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience with reimbursement-related issues pertaining to hospital services, radiation/medical oncology and maintenance dialysis for End-Stage Renal Disease, as well as many other payer-related concerns affecting medical providers nationwide.

TGF continually strives for excellence in its professional work and client relations. We pride ourselves in exceeding the expectations of our valued clients through our ability to understand the importance and uniqueness of patient care combined with inherent revenue cycle challenges. Since our team has a comprehensive understanding of the customary business practices of the healthcare industry, our primary goal in establishing long-term relationships with our provider-clients is to provide them with the legal information and tools necessary to maximize their own internal efforts for overall revenue cycle health and well-being, while TGF protects their legal rights to proper reimbursement.

The firm’s staff is more aptly described as provider and patient advocates since services focus so extensively on the end result of resolution of issues. Efforts do not always center strictly on legal battles, but, more importantly, on solutions to underlying issues, to resolve not only particular cases, but broader concerns facing providers every day. Our staff fights fervently for provider rights, both through clients’ specific matters, as well as through education with volunteer associations, political organizations, and through private inservices at medical providers’ facilities.

The Gibson Firm is best known in the healthcare industry for its zealous efforts in all undertakings. We believe strongly in preparing clients to successfully handle what they can, and to properly prepare those who cannot independently resolve matters themselves. That is what sets us out as different from other healthcare reimbursement legal practitioners – we work as a team with our clients throughout the entire process, not just with legal representation of the final step.